How To Add Liquidity for PURSE-BUSD Pair on Pancake Swap

Purse Token
3 min readDec 20, 2021


As we recently announced, we have successfully launched our first Liquidity Mining Program. Users being able to provide adequate liquidity is a key feature of automated market makers. Without them, the software algorithm that exists for faster, cheaper transactions wouldn’t work. To incentivize this, PancakeSwap rewards their liquidity providers with the platform’s native token, $CAKE.

For our Liquidity Mining Program, we will be incentivising our users by rewarding them with more PURSE token. Liquidity Mining Program using our official website link here:

Providing liquidity on is simple.

  1. How to find $PURSE token on PancakeSwap when providing the liquidity.

2. Next, when prompted, select “Manage Tokens” at the bottom of your screen in the app:

3. You will then need to Input PURSE token contract address: 0x29a63f4b209c29b4dc47f06ffa896f32667dad2c

4. When prompted to ‘Select a Currency’, please select ‘BUSD’

5. Connect wallet and Add Liquidity. Choose how many tokens you wish to add to one half of the pair — the other half will auto-fill. This is due to the pairing needing to be of equivalent value. Details will be provided on your proportional share of the pool, which will dictate the amount of liquidity provider (LP) tokens you receive. The LP tokens will be named in accordance with the pair of tokens you provided, so in this case, the tokens would be named PURSE-BUSD LP.

6. Restake your LP token to join the Liquidity Mining Program here:

NOTE that participating in the liquidity mining program requires transactions and 20% of the $PURSE transaction amount will be deducted to contribute to the BDL mechanism. This is applied to every transaction, including adding liquidity to AMM DEX.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions to improve this farm on the and don’t forget to follow @Pursetoken on Twitter. Hope you enjoy the decentralized liquidity mining program!



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